Elim Support Letter-Partnering with me while I am at Elim


Dear Friends and Family,

I pray you are doing well. The first reason I am writing this letter is to inform you of my progress and accomplishments this past year. After graduating from New Beginning discipleship program I felt that my call to ministry was very strong, particularly in youth ministry. Discipling the next generation quickly became my passion, and so I’ve decided to get training for ministry. Also I’m writing you to share the vision God has placed in my heart and ask for your support in achieving this mission.

While growing spiritually and getting involved with ministry I felt the Lord leading me toward Elim Bible Institute. After completing my first semester there I know without a doubt I made the right choice. The main reason I was interested in going was so I could learn how to express what God has done in my life and help others know He cares just as much about them. While at Elim I have begun to grow in biblical knowledge, gain wise counsel on youth leadership and how to better express my testimony.

After coming home from my first semester and finding out that the enemy had used old strongholds and caused my best friend to fall back into his old life style of heroin addiction, I have a new zeal to help break the spirit of addiction over Canton, Pa. I would like you to partner with me in this battle by furthering my knowledge in the Word and training from those who have been fighting in similar situations.

Elim costs about $10,000 a year for room, board and tuition. Currently there are no government-backed educational grants or student loans to help people experience this kind of preparation for ministry, but I’m willing to work to fulfill my call. This summer I plan on working as a camp counselor to give me more leadership experience while saving for Elim. My family wants to help me too, but their best efforts won’t fill the gap. I also need those who believe in me an my call to stand with me while I’m being trained. Would you consider being a part of my support team? Would you stand by me while I’m at Elim, helping me get the training I need to fulfill my call to ministry?

What does this mean specificity? Would you consider investing in a one-time gift of $250.? Any amount would be a help and give me a real push forward. To give your gift, send money to Elim Bible Institute with the enclosed card and they will make sure it gets into my account. Or you can support me through an online gift; go to http://www.elim.edu/support and follow the section called “donating to a student.” They will let me know that you sent it so I can say thanks and keep you posted on my life at Elim and growth in ministry.

Whether or not you are able to help me financially right now, I would like you to be a part of my Encouragement Team. If you let me know – either online or with the enclosed card – I can include you in my updates.

Just knowing that you are considering investing your time and finances in my life means so much to me, and I truly appreciate any support that you might give.

Sincere blessings,



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